Questions about coming to our shows

Where are your shows held?
Our shows are normally held in the macrobert arts centre theatre, on the campus of Stirling University.
The macrobert web site can be found here.

What prices are the tickets?
Ticket prices vary from show to show, and even from night to night within the run of a show. For prices for the current show, follow the links on the right hand side of this page.

What size is the macrobert auditorium?
The macrobert seats 466 audience members in comfortable, modern seats.

Does the theatre have wheelchair facilities?
Of course! The centre row of seats, accessed from ground level, can be removed individually by theatre staff before a performance starts to ensure that there is space for wheelchair customers. In order that we can best cater for this, please let us or the theatre staff know that you will require wheelchair seats when booking your tickets.

Can I book tickets online?
Not yet - for now please contact the macrobert box office on 01786 466 666


Questions about joining the Society

How does the whole "putting on a show" thing work?
This normally varies a little from year to year, but what we do is something like this:

  • In late August or early September, we start our rehearsals. This means that we welcome new members, and start learning the music in the show.
  • After a couple of weeks of learning the music, we have auditions for principals. A small group of people selected from the committee, plus the director and musical director, decide who is going to play the lead roles.
  • Another couple of weeks of music, and then we start production rehearsals - that is, we start moving around the floor and learning our moves.
  • Before you know it, we've moved into the theatre and it's showtime!

Do I need to have previous acting experience to join?
No. Many of our members start with no experience at all of being on stage. You will find yourself comfortable on stage much sooner than you ever believed possible!

Who are the "production team"?
The production team is the group of people who do the organising that is required to put a show on stage. This normally consists of at least:

  • Director - has overall responsibility for the show. Tells people where to go on stage, what they have to do, etc
  • Musical director - has responsibility for the singing and musical accompaniment in the show
  • Choreographer - has responsibilty for those parts of the show identified as dancing or movement
  • Stage manager - has responsibility for all aspects of safely putting the show on once inside the theatre.

When do you rehearse?
Normally we rehearse on Wednesday evenings, from September through to the start of the show. In the last few weeks before the show, we sometimes rehearse on Sunday afternoons as well.

If you are a principal (i.e. you are singing a solo) or a dancer, you may be called to attend additional rehearsals on other nights of the week - normally no more than one extra rehearsal per week.

Where do you rehearse?
We rehearse in the St Ninians Old Parish Church Hall, Kirk Wynd, Stirling.

Do I need to sing an audition?
If you want to join the chorus, you are asked to bring some sheet music with you. This should be a song you know and are comfortable singing. You will be asked to sing it in front of the musical director (and possibly the club's accompanist).

This is not really an audition to decide whether you are to be allowed in to the society, but more to help the musical director place you into the correct vocal group, so that you can make the best contribution you can and stay within your voice's comfortable singing range.

What if I want to sing a solo?
People who sing solos in a musical are generally referred to as the principals in a show.

The principals are selected by an audition process, where the candidates are asked to sing solo and act out a scene in an audition. This is normally held in front of a small number of committee members, plus the director and musical director.

What if I want to be a dancer?
Please join the club as normal, and let the director know that you are a dancer.

Do you have any age restrictions?

  • For those shows that have parts specifcally identified as being for children, then children of an appropriate age to play those parts are welcomed into the society
  • For normal membership of the club, we normally start at the age of sixteen. Sometimes we are able to accept younger members, from age fourteen and upwards, depending on the show being done.

Please note that parents or guardians of all members under the age of 16 will be asked to sign a consent form to allow their children to take part. Among other things, this form seeks permission for the children to be reasonably photographed in connection with the show, and those photographs used for marketing or other appropriate purposes by the Society.